How long should an asphalt parking lot last?


You may be wondering how long an asphalt parking lot lasts. As they say, nothing lasts forever, but asphalt can hold up nicely for 20 to 30 years. With that being said, you must be vigilant and smart about taking care of your surface. Many factors contribute to the aging of asphalt. The team at Uniform Paving suggests the following tips to adequately care for your asphalt parking lot.

1). Fill cracks: If a crack is not filled relatively quickly, the problem will worsen. Cracks allow water to enter the asphalt, which compromises the base of the surface. Over time, these cracks will increase in size and cause more severe problems. It’s important to fill them in a timely manner.

2). Clean regularly: Not only does cleaning regularly improve the appearance of your asphalt parking lot, it will also allow you to see problems and drainage issues more quickly. Cleaning will remove debris that can cause additional issues. Sweeping and pressure washing the surface on a regular basis is very important.

3). Sealcoat: There is a strategy to sealcoating. You must first clean the asphalt. Otherwise, there is no point in sealing it. Sealer will not stick to a dirty surface. Also, sealcoating does not fill cracks; the cracks must be filled prior to applying the sealer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly. Different types of sealer call for different protocols. Lastly, ensure the sealer dries adequately before allowing vehicles on the surface.

4). Prevent water damage: Some drainage issues are blatant and these should be fixed immediately. Standing water is an obvious problem and can cause significant damage to the surface if not corrected. Too much moisture can cause cracks which will eventually turn into potholes. Assess the drainage problems yourself or have one of our team members do it for you. Remember, water can cause significant damage to a surface.

5). Repair: There are a variety of asphalt problems that require repair. Potholes, ruts, raveling, slippage cracks and deteriorated joints are a handful of the major ones. Many of these problems will be eliminated or lessened if the asphalt is installed correctly in the first place. That’s why it’s important for experts like Uniform Paving to initially lay the asphalt. If you do see problems arise that are out of your wheelhouse, be sure to consult a professional immediately.

6). Replace: This is a last resort and shouldn’t be an option unless your surface is over 20 years old or was installed incorrectly. In the event you find your parking lot underperforming, even after performing these tasks, it may be time to replace the surface.

Routine maintenance is a term for this collection of tips. Similar to the human body, a car or a house, longevity is all about maintaining wellness throughout a lifespan. Both you and your customers will be grateful you followed these suggestions. If you find yourself in a situation that’s beyond your knowledge or skill level, be sure to call the team at Uniform Paving. We’re here to help!