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Sealcoating is an essential maintenance process for asphalt surfaces. It protects the surface from harmful elements like water, sunlight, and chemicals, ensuring it remains smooth and durable. Here are some ways that Uniform Paving can help you with your sealcoating needs:

Preparing the Surface for Sealcoating

Site preparation: The site needs to be properly prepared before starting the sealcoat can be applied. This involves removing debris, such as rocks and dirt. Any cracks or potholes on the surface need to be repaired before the sealcoating is applied. This step is vital as it ensures the surface is level and smooth, allowing the sealcoating to adhere appropriately.


Sealcoating Application


Application: The next step is to apply the sealcoat to the surface. This is done using a specialized sealcoating machine or a squeegee, depending on the size of the area. The sealcoat is typically applied in two coats, with each coat allowed to dry before the next one is applied.

Curing: Once the sealcoat has been applied, it needs time to cure. This usually takes between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the weather conditions. During this time, keeping the surface free of traffic or debris is essential, as this can damage the sealcoat.

Maintenance: Finally, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance on the surface to ensure that it remains in good condition. This includes regular cleaning, filling in any cracks or potholes that may develop, and reapplying the sealcoat every few years.

By following these steps, Uniform Paving can help ensure that your asphalt surface remains smooth and durable for years.