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Paving a subdivision involves several stages that require careful planning and execution. Here are some ways that Uniform Paving can help your sub-divisions last as long as possible:

Sub Division Grading

Site preparation: This involves clearing the site of any obstacles, such as trees, rocks, and debris. The site is then graded to ensure a smooth surface for paving. 

Base layer installation: A layer of crushed rock is laid down to create a stable base for the pavement. 


Subdivision Asphalt Paving

asphalt paving smoothing

Asphalt installation: The asphalt is laid in layers using specialized machinery. The thickness and quality of the asphalt will depend on the intended use of the pavement. 

Compaction: After the asphalt is installed, it needs to be compacted to ensure it is dense and strong. Compaction is achieved using a heavy roller machine. 

Subdivision Sealcoating

Finishing touches: This involves adding the final touches, such as sealcoating, line striping, and signage. 


Subdivision Asphalt Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the pavement in good condition. This includes repairing cracks, filling potholes, and resurfacing.