What is the Purpose of Curb & Gutter?

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Adding curbs and gutter to your paving project can serve many functions. Therefore, today we are going to look at what curb and gutter are and its many uses. You may find that you might want to consider adding curbs and gutter to your upcoming paving project after considering its advantages.

If you have been on any major city street, you have seen curbs and gutter. It is installed on the edges of roads and parking lots and it is made of concrete (recommended), asphalt, stone, or masonry blocks. The main purpose of curb and gutter is to reinforce the pavement that is being laid down as a road surface. It is poured first before asphalt is brought in, normally around eight inches thick and creates an extremely strong barrier.

The edge of asphalt is the weakest point and the most vulnerable to damage from vehicles. Without something reinforcing the edge the weight of cars and trucks will push the asphalt towards the outlying dirt. Over time this causes cracks and crumbling of the pavement. Once cracking begins water can seep into the cracks and start the deterioration of your pavement. Water is the arch-enemy of asphalt.

However, with curb and gutter, it creates a channel to direct run-off into collection points such as storm drains and sewers. This will keep the water from getting into the underlying roadbeds and wreaking havoc, thus extending the life of your paving.

Curbs and gutter also protect surrounding properties. To begin with, they do not require as much right of way for the roadbed and they keep traffic and vehicles confined. We have all traveled roads where if it feels too narrow we might drop our tires off the pavement to accommodate a motorist. Or, by accident may have dropped off the road or driveway while driving. Yet, when curbs are in place it deters us from making these mistakes.

Curbs and gutter also increase the value of your property. They add a finished look to your paving and the tried and true statement of “curb appeal” came along for a reason. Their neat and straight lines add a layer of attractiveness. The color of curbs against a lawn is very striking and high in contrast making passer-by’s notice. On another note, since they are normally made of concrete and not black asphalt they are lighter in color. This makes them ideal for helping motorists see them at night. When pulling into an area or backing out of one they assist drivers in low visibility to navigate their turns.

Here at Uniform Paving & Seal Coating, we offer a large variety of solutions and services to meet your needs. We are four generations of highly skilled professionals with over 50 years’ experience in our industry. We highly recommend adding a system of curbs and gutters to your property for the advantages they bring to you and extending the life of your paving project. We also offer free estimates, so it is to your benefit to contact us today!